Are you looking for a new integrative fitness class to teach that will leave your clientele feeling stronger, balanced, enthused and asking for more?

DANCEALATES® is a  flowing, energizing workout that combines the core principles of Pilates with the strengthening, lengthening and toning techniques found in traditional jazz and ballet barre workouts.  The perfect blend of deep muscle toning, core strength and flexibility with rhythms to fuel the fun for you and your class participants.

The DANCEALATES® teacher-training program is broken down into pre-formatted segments that seamlessly flow together ensuring all classes are mindful and well balanced. All segments are interchangeable with on going continuing education for licensed DANCEALATES® instructors which takes the guess work out of teaching and keeps the classes fresh, fun and innovative.

Our mission is to build a dedicated family of qualified DANCEALATES® instructors that are willing to share their wisdom and experience in the community. We pride ourselves on supporting our fit family whose focus is not only to spread the word of health and wellness but who can inspire and demonstrate that fitness can be fun as well.



Why should I become a DANCEALATES® Instructor?

By becoming a DANCEALATES® instructor your taking advantage of an increasing demand for cutting edge, fun, challenging, alignment and balance-based choreography that’s grounded in exercise science. As a DANCEALATES® Instructor not only will you earn a certificate of completion with continuing education credits from ACE, AFAA and PMA but you will also become a licensed instructor who has the right to use the U.S. registered trademark of DANCEALATES® and it’s logos in your marketing and promotional material.

What added benefits will I receive as a DANCEALATES® Instructor?

As a licensed instructor, you will receive ongoing support for your growing business, including:

  • Referral network with contact information of potential substitute instructors
  • Listing on DANCEALATES® web site as a licensed instructor
  • Q&A DANCEALATES® forum addressing your ongoing challenges in class or with individual clients
  • Updates on training and teaching techniques.
  • Potential exposure from traditional and social media

What are the prerequisites for becoming a DANCEALATES® Instructor?

  • Hold a nationally recognized Pilates certification and/or a nationally recognized certification in group exercise, personal training or mind-body related field.

What does the DANCEALATES® Primary Instructor Training involve?

The DANCEALATES® Primary Instructor Training is a 2 day course requiring full attendance as well as a written and practical exam. The DANCEALATES® curriculum offers:

  • Reviews and updates on anatomy, biomechanics and Pilates techniques
  • Fully formatted course template
  • The Dancealates® workout and its methodology
  • Innovative choreography
  • Effective verbal and nonverbal cueing techniques
  • Modifications and options for all levels and populations

What additional perks arise from the weekend training?

Continuing education credits


PMA 15

ACE 1.5

What if I do not pass my exams?

In this instance, you may set up a private review session and retake the exams for an additional fee. Online sessions and exams will be available.

What if I’m not trained in Pilates but am a certified exercise or movement specialist?

If not trained in Pilates, you may still attend the DANCEALATES® Primary Instructor Training but are expected to be familiar with the classical Pilates mat exercises.

How do I keep my license current?

For re-certification – each instructor needs a total of 6 DANCEALATES® approved continuing education units within a two year period. (Note: continuing education requirements may be subject to change in the future.)

What if I don’t renew my license?

If you do not renew your license, you must terminate all promotion and teaching of DANCEALATES®. You may once again promote and teach DANCEALATES® if you pass the re-accreditation exam within three years of termination of your license. After three years have elapsed, you would have to retake the full DANCEALATES® course and exam.

Why are the renewal requirements necessary?

The requirements for renewal is important in order to remain up-to-date in this rapidly changing field of health and fitness and we want all instructors representing the DANCEALATES® brand to maintain a standard of excellence.

What is the cost for the DANCEALATES® Primary Instructor Training?

The cost of the DANCEALATES® Instructor Training weekend is $499 in the U.S. which includes the manual. Early-bird discount of $50 is available if you pay three weeks prior to the course start date.  (Note: course and renewal fees are subject to change in the future.) If all your questions are answered and you are ready to take the course, the following list sets forth the step-by-step process of becoming a licensed DANCEALATES® instructor.

  1. Select the course you would like to enroll in and complete the simple online registration. After we review your registration you will be notified by email from Base Fitness about your enrollment for the training which will include a link to your invoice for payment. Once you have completed the online payment transaction you will be officially enrolled in the training course.
  2. Arrive at the weekend training course 15-20 minutes early.
  3. Complete 2 day DANCEALATES® Primary Instructor Training in full.
  4. Take the written exam at the end of the training course to display your knowledge and understanding of the material.
  5. Submit a video of yourself teaching a DANCEALATES® class.
  6. If you do not pass, you may set up a private review session and retake the exams for an additional fee. Online sessions and exams will be available.

After passing the exams, you will receive a certificate and be a licensed DANCEALATES® Instructor for the next 2 years according to the terms of the license agreement you must sign.


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