Inspired By You

YMCA Women's Wellness Conference. Green-Kill, New York. October, 2011

YMCA Women’s Wellness Conference. Greenkill, New York. October, 2011

When my husband Matthew and I first came up with the concept to combine traditional Jazz and Ballet Barre movements with Pilates for a group exercise class we were met by our own negative thoughts as to whether it would ever be successful. Then in 2011 I demonstrated our first class called “Pilates in motion” at the Women’s Wellness Conference sponsored by the YMCA in Greenkill, NY to rave revues and we and we knew we had something special.  Some say we owe our success to the unique combination of Jazz and Ballet inspired movements that shape and tone you’re body like a dancer. Others say we owe it to the way we have incorporated the core principles of Pilates into all of our routines so you can move your body better. We however, like to think it is due to all the women who just wanted to move their body that weekend in a fun way that made them feel good. They confirmed for us that being fit means more than having a flat stomach and tight buns. It was about being strong, agile and energetic while having the confidence in your body to do the things you love.

On behalf of my husband and myself I would like to thank the many women who gave us such wonderful feedback that weekend.
We promise to continue to create and develop our classes in the tradition that inspired us during that formative time in the evolution of what is now Dancealates®.