What are the benefits of the DANCEALATES® workout?

The mindfulness of the Dancealates® workout allows for a variety of populations to experience the benefits of this full body fitness system safely and effectively. The following is just a short list of the many benefits each participant can expect from the Dancealates® program.


              1. Increases strength and muscle tone from head to toe.
              2. Increases core strength in multiple planes.
              3. Improves balance, motor corrordination and spacial awareness through integrated movement.
              4. Stimulates the sensory receptors through out the entire body.
              5. Increased flexibility with stability to support both the skeleton and surrounding joints.
              6. Improved psychological and emotional well-being.
How come DANCEALATES® does not use a ballet barre in the class?

We get this question a lot and we understand the confusion.  DANCEALATES® does not use a barre and we designed it that way. You may or may not be aware that the Ballet Barre was never meant to be something you cling to or rely on for support. It was meant to offer just a little touch of orientation to help find one’s center. Unfortunately, unless your studying at classical ballet studio most barre classes found in fitness facilities have moved away from this discipline sometimes even encouraging hanging off the barre in order to make the class exciting and seem harder . At DANCEALATES® we’re still a little old school and believe that the movement should come from you while the support should come from within. By eliminating the barre we created a more free flowing, fun and dynamic class that encourages movement in all planes of motion with an increased sense of support that comes from within.

Do I need any dance experience to take the DANCEALATES® workout?

No. The Dancealates® workout was developed so anyone can participate and receive it’s benefits but don’t be surprised if you wake up one day with more rhythm.